About us

Kids Sale WOW was launched towards the end of 2020 in a world where coronavirus was dominating the headlines. A big jumble sale was completely off the cards so efforts turned to creating this website. The brainchild of Claire Mellon - a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist - the main aims of this initiative are to raise money for an amazing charity (see below for more) and to do our bit for the environment by getting people to buy second-hand. 

Babies grow up so fast that often clothes barely get a chance to be worn before they are too small. We are capitalising on this for the sake of other parents and the planet by creating a circular process where any unwanted clothes or toys in good condition can be donated and then resold at discounted prices. In this way, we aim to provide a more affordable options to parents looking to buy and a service to those trying to declutter in a sustainable and charitable fashion. We have had many generous donations so far, and should everything go well we would love to be able to expand from our London base in the future. 

100% of proceeds from sales go to the women’s health research charity - Wellbeing of Women. Having been founded as the Childbirth Research Centre by Professor Will Nixon in 1964, their focus has since been broadened to encompass everything related to women’s reproductive health. This was reflected by a transition to the name that stands today - Wellbeing of Women - in 2004. So much of what we know about pregnancy and now take for granted has come from academics supported by research grants from this fund. Discoveries have included the importance of folic acid being taken during pregnancy (1972), the use of ultrasound in monitoring babies in utero (1974), the link between HPV and cervical cancers (1991), and most recently the development of pioneering non-invasive and non-hormonal treatments for endometriosis (2019). You can find out more about the work of Wellbeing of Women and other ways that you can give support by looking on their website: https://www.wellbeingofwomen.org.uk/

We are always looking to collaborate with people who have a similar mindset and ambition to us. If you are passionate about women’s health and supporting the environment and would like to get involved, then please get in touch - wellbeingwomensale@gmail.com

To make this project successful and to help us grow, we need people spreading the word. So if you have been satisfied with our products or are inspired by what we do, then give us a shoutout on your social media. We are on facebook (Kids Sale in aid of Wellbeing of Women) and Instagram (@kidssalewow).