Welcome to the first Kids Sale WOW blog post!

We are going to be using this page to keep you updated on what there is in store for you, so be sure to check back here regularly. Following us on instagram @kidssalewow will also help you stay in the loop about new discounts, competitions and much more! 

Thanks to the donations of many supporters we have been able to launch this website and bring you a variety of pre-loved products for babies, children and mums at discounted prices. From Baby Gap to Burberry, we are selling thousands of products which are available for delivery or collection. The only thing that each item has in common is that it has been owned by someone else before!

We update our website on a rolling basis as we know it’s never going to be perfect! Our first objective was to get products online so that you could start browsing and buying. In the past fortnight we have been working to make the filtering options more comprehensive. You now have the ability to choose an age category to narrow your search, while other options will be merged, added, or removed over the coming days and weeks to make it even easier to navigate and find the products you want. If you’ve noticed something that doesn’t look quite right we would be grateful if you could help us along our improvement journey by getting in touch (email or instagram is usually best)!

Look out for the next blog post and an exciting reveal on our instagram in the next few days! 

Wishing you good health

Kids Sale WOW team x


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