Top Tips (Part 1)

Hello again!

In our second blog post, I am going to be giving you some top tips on navigating our website and finding exactly the clothes that you have been searching for. For the time being, the site is only set up in such a way that you can only choose one filter. With over 1000 eclectic pre-loved products for sale, it is important that you are able to choose the right filter to limit your search effectively. 

Filtering by age 

You will see that the first set of options are all ages. Every item of clothing for children and babies has been put into one or more of these categories. For example, if the label said “Age 3” we have put it in both the “2-3 years” and “3-4 years” groups. This is the perfect way to filter your search if you are looking for something for a particular child but you don’t yet know what kind of product to go for. 

Filtering by product type

If you do know that you want shorts or trousers or a dress, perhaps, then you may be better off narrowing the results by choosing a clothing category. As with the age groups, all items come under at least one category, but sometimes more. You will find that we have split some by gender too. 

It goes without saying that should your child be taller or shorter than average, or prefer clothes traditionally aimed at the other sex, then make sure to tailor your search accordingly!

Searching for brands

Although the filtering function does not allow you to select a particular brand, you can do this by using the search bar. Given the nature of our set-up the number of results a search may throw up can vary dramatically; try “Zara” and, at the time of writing, you will find 113 products, but “Bonton” and there are only 11 matches. For this reason, we would recommend that for the more popular brands you add a qualifying word to your search; for instance, “Zara shorts” narrows it down to a much more manageable 14. See my next blog post for an idea of which brands we stock most of. 


For those of you on the look out for high-end clothes from the biggest names, I would recommend finding the “Designer” products section - this is an option in the filtering menu. Here you’ll not only find the highest quality items, from the likes of Burberry, Bonpoint and Gucci, but also our biggest discounts. 


We think that buying second-hand is an amazing thing to do since not only is it better for our planet but it saves you money too. However, if you are not yet convinced, let us tempt you in with some unworn but still second-hand garments. Several of the kind people who donated clothes passed on items with the tags still attached - yes, babies can grow that fast! In response to this we have crested the “Brand new” category. Despite not having been used before, these products are being sold at a fraction of their original retail price, so check them out before they go!

I hope that this has given you some help with navigating our website and narrowing your search. As ever, should you have any questions or concerns please get in touch via email, instagram or the comments below.

With good wishes, as always,

The Kids Sale WOW team x

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