Thank you to all who came out to support us at the Mortlake Summer Fair! We hoped you enjoyed your time as much as we did!

Spread the Word. Spread the Love.

Monday 8th March marked International Women’s Day 2021. 

All of us at Kids Sale WOW are passionate about supporting women to be the best they can be. We believe that in order for women to reach their goals and potential they must be happy and healthy, and that’s why all the money raised from sales and donations through this website goes towards a charity doink exactly this. 

Wellbeing of Women have been funding ground-breaking research into childbirth and women’s reproductive health for over 50 years, enabling millions of women across the world to access better treatment options and feel more confident in their medical journeys. You can read more about them and their work on our About Us page, or follow the link to their website which is at the footer of this page. 

You can help us to raise even more money for this incredible cause and in doing so support women across the world to feel happier in themselves and get the care they need to manage any arising issues. We would be so grateful if you were able to spread the word about this project to your family and friends. 

Here are some ideas for spreading the word and sharing the love:

  • Buy a friend a gift card: Our gift cards are available at a range of prices. You will receive a unique code immediately via email which you can then send on to anyone of your choice. This is perfect for encouraging other people to buy from us at no extra cost to them. 
  • Tag us in your posts on social media: We are on instagram (@kidssalewow) and encourage you to follow us, and like and share our posts. If you buy something from us then please photograph your order and tag us in a story. We love to see our products going to new homes.
  • Recommend us on Nextdoor: For those of you who have this neighbourhood app, we are looking to use it as a way of advertising new deals in the future. But first we need people like you to recommend us. Follow this link to do just that:
  • Word of mouth: There’s nothing wrong with the old school ways of spreading news too. If you don’t want to plaster our name across your social media then feel free to drop Kids Sale WOW into a socially distanced conversation with a friend or spice up a zoom call with a discussion about sustainable fashion and buying pre-loved!
  • Collaborations: If you have a captive audience of clients who would benefit from knowing about Kids Sale WOW and the discounted products we sell, then we would love you to get in touch. We are more than happy to offer bespoke discount codes to your customers in return for helping us to spread the word.
  • Testimonials: If you have bought from our website before and have been pleased with the service that you have received, we would love to hear from you! It’s important that customers are able to trust us and there’s nothing that will do that better then a positive review from someone like them who has used us for their baby stuff before.

If there is something you think we’ve missed off this list then we would like to know! Write in the comments below, DM us on instagram or pop us an email. We have a long way to go as we get this business off the ground and it’s people like you who help it to happen.

Sending love to every woman out there - stay strong and #choosetochallenge 

The Kids Sale WOW team x

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