National Children’s Day 2021

Today, Sunday 16th May, marks National Children’s Day here in the UK. As an organisation looking to champion improvements in women’s reproductive health, we would like to join NCDUK in celebrating the health and wellbeing of our babies and young children. 

This year NCDUK has partnered with The Children’s Voice, an organisation who help to give young people a platform to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns. They have got lots of fun activities on their website for kids to enjoy which all aim to inspire them to take an active role in shaping a brighter future for themselves and others.

We are hoping that Kids Sale WOW can be a part of that future too. By providing second-hand kids clothing and using biodegradable packaging we are able to help you reduce your carbon footprint and give you an opportunity to do your bit for the planet. There are few things that make a child feel stronger than a comfy and powerful outfit and few things that make a parent more smug than finding a bargain - and it’s no surprise that we have you covered on both fronts. You can be stylish affordably and sustainably by shopping with us. 

Of course the money that is being raised through the sale of each and every one of our items will also help create a better world. Wellbeing of Women-funded research will affect the lives of almost every baby born in the coming years. More successful births, better post-natal support for mothers and general improvements in obstetric and gynaecological healthcare across the globe will all help to give each of those newborns a healthier and fuller childhood. 

As we slowly emerge from a pandemic-stricken country we must make sure that we do not leave this all-important next generation behind. With months of schooling forced online over the course of the last year, there is not a week that goes by where the news does not mention the catch-up work that is needed to get millions of primary aged children up to the level where they are meant to be. This year, more than any other, we must think about putting the next generation first and that starts now.

As a thank you for reading this blog, we welcome you to 40% off all products until the end of May, using the code NCDUK40.


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