Fast Fashion Free February!

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If you have been keeping up with our instagram story you will know that the start of this month marked the first day of Fast Fashion Free February. This is an initiative close to our hearts as we know that acting sustainably and promoting environmentally friendly habits is the single most important thing individuals can do for the world, and starting with what you buy and wear is as good a place as any.

The fashion industry is both thirsty and polluting. Almost 4000 litres of water is required to manufacture a single pair of jeans while 10% of global carbon emissions can be linked to clothing and its production*. Not only is the production of clothing costly to the planet, but with every wash thousands of plastic microfibres (amongst other chemicals) escape with the waste water into our oceans with devastating results.

So what can we do? The consumerist nature of our society is one of the biggest problems that must be dealt with but arguably one of the simplest to solve. If everybody pledges to not buy so much so frequently and when they do to choose high quality items that will stand the test of time, or to buy second-hand, upcycled or recycled products or those that have been sustainably manufactured with our planet in mind, then companies will have to adapt. Do your research into the brands you are buying from and the ideas they promote so that you can make an informed decision about which to support.

By reading blogs, articles and books you can easily find out lots of information about what you can be doing for the planet and we have helped you by creating a list of recommended resources below. We will continue to add to this post as we find more ourselves, but we would love for you to help us. Get in touch if you have any other places to learn about fast-fashion and its impact on the environment. The comments below, our social media DMs and our email are always open!

Fast Fashion Free February is an initiative we are proud to support, and we hope you will do your bit by only buying what you really need and doing so through second-hand retailers like us! Some of our products are sustainable on more than one count because we are not only giving the clothes a second life, but they are also made from more environmentally friendly materials. Many are made from 100% Organic Cotton which means that chemicals, which can negatively affect the biodiversity of ecosystems, were not used in the growing process. We are starting to add notes to clothes such as these, so look out for the word “SUSTAINABLE” in the product description.

With green wishes,

The Kids Sale WOW team x




How to Save the World for Free by Natalie Fee

The Conscious Closet and Over-dressed: The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline

Fashionopolis: The price of fast fashion and the future of clothes by Dana Thomas


Follow this link to find 50 top sustainable fashion blogs:


The True Cost - available on Netflix 

Minimalism - available on Netflix

I Am Greta - available on BBC iPlayer

David Attenborough - any and all of them, but particularly Episode 7 of Blue Planet II

River Blue - see link below 

The Next Black - see link below 

This website has some great recommendations including many of the films mentioned above, with links to watching River Blue and The Next Black:


* [Accessed: 10/02/21] 

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